Jones Family farms

Fall School Tour Sample Parent Letter




Dear Parents,


Your child’s class will be visiting Pumpkinseed Hill at Jones Family Farms in Shelton.  The Jones Farm is a sixth-generation, 400-acre working farm which grows fruits, vegetables, and Christmas trees.  The Jones Family has been hosting education and field trips since 1988.  Our class will be visiting their farm on October_________________.


The trip will include a hayride tour of the farm fields, harvesting a small pumpkin in the field, an apple snack, and a reusable, canvas bag for the child's future farming activities!  The cost of the tour is $7.50.


Pumpkinseed Hill can be windy and cold in October.  Please dress your child for these conditions, as they will be outside for the entire visit.  Warm coats and hats are encouraged. Boots are recommended for morning tours because of heavy dew on the grass or if the weather has been wet. When it rains, the program moves indoors into a barn.  If it is drizzling or misting, the farm will try to conduct the program outdoors, especially the pumpkin harvest.


            Transportation will be provided by ______________________________.



            Please make your payment by __________________________________.



Thank you.



My child, ___________________________________ has permission to visit the  Jones Family Farms.
                                                Signature ___________________________________
                                                Date: ______________________________________