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Berry Ferries 2020

For Blueberry Season, we would like to use our Berry Ferries to bring guests to our far away blueberry fields on Pumpkinseed Hill.

The Farm's Berry Ferry Procedures

The Farm will:

  • Use our Berry Ferries with their open-air seating platforms to transport guests
  • Space out groups so they are not seated adjacent to each other
  • Reduce the seating capacity by 50%
  • Sanitize the seating area and the handrails after each trip to and from the blueberry fields
  • Require all staff and guests wear masks during the ride (also when guests enter and exit the farm and the blueberry fields, and when they talk to staff)
  • Utilize our reservation system to limit guests to ensure the waiting time, if any, is limited

Berry Ferry Tickets

Since these procedures will require more staff while at the same time reducing the number of guests visiting these fields, we will be asking for a $2 round trip per person taking the ride.  If a very young child will sit in their parents' lap, the parents do not have to pay for that child's Berry Ferry ride, just their picking container. (Note: For very young children, blueberry picking can be challenging because it takes a long time to pick the small fruit and it can be warm out.  Also, be aware that strollers will not be permitted on the Berry Ferry since there is no place for parents to have children in strollers while picking.)


For those who prefer to walk, the Valley Farm, with its flat terrain, will be for walkers-only. The walking distance at the Valley Farm to most blueberry fields is 1/4 mile there and 1/4 mile back; when you include walking into the field itself, we say to be prepared to walk 1/2 to 1 mile. 

For families with young children who go to the Valley Farm, you can bring a wagon or jogging-type stroller to bring the children to the picking fields. There the stroller will be parked to the side; the child in the stroller will need to come out of the stroller to join the parent or caregiver.  There is no area for children to remain in strollers when picking blueberries.

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912