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Farm Updates: Blueberry Season

Blueberry season is here!  We aim to be open 7 days a week, weather permitting. We typically are open the mornings from Sundays through Thursdays, and the whole day on Fridays and Saturdays. We post the hours and reservations every few days as we evaluate the weather and crop conditions. Check the hours on the top of the homepage for details.

Important Info and Tips:

  • Reservations are recommended during blueberry season! When we are at Pumpkinseed Hill, our capacity is limited due to the Berry Ferry rides. Also, we can get busy on the weekends.  Your reservation allows for a speedier check in process. If you are not sure how much you to pick, at least place a reservation with your group's $10 deposit and we will credit it back to you when you select your containers online or on site.
  • At our Valley Farm, all guests walk out to the fields on level terrain; limited rides back are available if needed. At Pumpkinseed Hill, guests take a Berry Ferry both ways. 
  • If you wish to fill a Jones box, please come at least 30 minutes before our entry closing time to give yourself enough time. Even at peak, it takes time to pick 10 pounds of blueberries.
  • Remember to bring your Jones berry baskets or boxes. Those are the only containers permitted in the fields, and when you fill them at the farm with fruit, you will receive a $1 credit per Jones basket and $2 credit per Jones box.
  • Please remember to bring your water bottle! sun hat! walking shoes! Flip flops are not recommended. 


Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912