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Delicious and Bountiful

Jones Family Farms has been welcoming guests to harvest blueberries at the farm for over 40 years. Packed with nutrition, health benefits and sweet summer taste, the blueberry is an ideal snack for the dog days of summer.

Our blueberries grow extremely well in both our Valley Farm and our Pumpkinseed Hill Farm.  While riding the Berry Ferry out to the picking fields, guests enjoy seeing the beauty of the farm and learning about the progress of the farm's other crops. 

A Small Tale . . .

Atop each blueberry is the base of its earlier flower, in the shape of a star. Certain Native American traditions tell howthe Great Spirit sent these ‘starberries’ down from the night of heaven, during a time of starvation, to relieve the hunger of children.

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912