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Call the Crop Report for the Farm and Winery Updates and for Picking Locations

Blueberry FAQs

What do you charge to pick blueberries?
We have two great "clean and green" picking containers. There is a small initial fee for these containers; they are reusable and you will receive future savings when you return with them and go berry picking. This is good for you and the planet! Our guests love sharing with the us the many uses they have for these versatile containers.

Berry Basket
Our white, plastic Berry Baskets are perfect for berry picking. In 2019, Berry Baskets are "All You Can Carry" for $13.50 for blueberries. (If you are returning with a Jones Berry Basket, it is $12.50). If you pick three or more Berry Baskets, they are $11 each. (Remember, for each Berry Basket you bring back, you will be save $1 for reusing your container.)

Berry Box
Our famous Berry Box with the wooden handle is a classic! This box can hold up to 8 to 12 pounds of strawberries. In 2019, the price is $4.99 per pound if you pick less then 8 pounds. If you pick more than 8 pounds, it is $4.19 per pound. We encourage the reuse of our Berry Boxes! If you need a new handled box, there is a small charge of $2, but return with your Berry Box for future savings.

Do I save money when re-using my  Jones Family Farms Berry Box and Berry Basket?
Yes! When you return with your Berry Boxes and Berry Baskets, you will not be charged for new picking containers. In addition, the Berry Box receives an additional credits according to how much you pick.

What container should I use for berry picking?
If you have a handled Jones berry box, we encourage you to bring it back and reuse it - it's good for the environment and you will receive a credit. For new boxes, there is a $2 charge. We have a smaller basket that we believe will make picking easier, especially for children. It is plastic so therefore it can be washed and sanitized for future uses.

What else should I bring with me to pick berries?
Wear comfortable clothing that can keep you cool. Hats, suntan lotion, shoes with closed toes and low heels, and a bottle of water will help keep you safe and cool while picking in the fields. Also, we only accept cash or check in the berry fields.

How do I know if you’re open or what field you are picking at on a specific date?
You can call our Crop Report Line at 203-929-8425. During the harvest season, the message is updated daily with all the necessary information you need. Go to Directions for field locations.

Is there a real Farmer Jones?
Yes! The Farmer Jones on the phone message is Terry Jones who is the 5th generation of the family to work on this farm. See About The Farm for more history of the Jones Family.

Do you sell pre-picked berries?
We are a harvest-your-own farm, exclusively. Please ask a friend or neighbor to pick for you if you are unable to do so yourself. One of our surveys revealed that 30% of berries picked at our farm are picked for others.

Do you sell blueberry bushes?
We only sell our berries to our guests. You can check local nurseries or home and garden centers to find plants for your own homes.

When will the blueberries be ready?
Check the farm crop report, 203-929-8425, around the last week of June, and Farmer Jones can advise you on the ripeness of the blueberries.

How do you keep the birds and deer out of the berries?
With great difficulty! Balloons and noise cannons scare birds away, and we have moved to netting more and more of the blueberry crop. We estimate 30% of the crop is eaten by wildlife.

What is the white film on the berries?
That is called ‘bloom’. It’s a protective natural wax coating for the berries, tt’s similar to the coating found on plums or apples. Sometimes the bloom comes off before harvest.

Do you take credit cards?
New this year, we can accept credit cards at our berry fields. Cash and Personal Checks are also accepted.

Can I bring a group of children?
Blueberry picking is not a suitable activity for groups of young children. The blueberry fruit is very fragile and easily damaged by immature pickers. It is a perfect project for an adult and a child to learn about the fruit together, however blueberry picking is old-fashioned farm work and not appropriate as a “fun outing” for groups of kids.

Due to staffing and the fragility of the fruit, we ask that you please do not bring school or camp groups blueberry picking. We will have to ask them to wait outside the field while adult volunteers pick for the group.

Can I bring my dog/pets to the berry fields?
We practice Good Agricultural Practices and thus even the best trained pets are not allowed in the berry fields due to sanitary reasons. Since berries are in the hot summer months, it is unhealthy to leave your pet in the car while you pick. We ask that you leave your pets at home when you come to the farm. (Service dogs are not included in this policy.)

Is there a place to picnic/tailgate on the farm?
Good Agricultural Practices discourage the consumption of foods in our guest harvest areas. We encourage berry pickers to visit one of the nearby parks that are set up to accommodate picnickers.

Does the farm host birthday parties?
We are a working farm and unfortunately do not have set-ups for birthday parties. We do hope birthdays are celebrated with blueberries as the centerpiece, however, we request an adult family member come beforehand to pick berries for an at-home party or a picnic at a park.

Where can I buy a Jones T-Shirt, Cap, etc?
We have begun a limited program of test products. Sales of these items (caps, magnets, etc) are done in the winery tasting room or at special events throughout the year.

Do you sell food on the farm?
Jones staff can provide a list of local restaurants for you after you check out.

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912