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Checklist for Your Christmas Tree Visit

To ensure you have the best possible time during your visit to the farm, please review the suggested checklist before you visit.

A large, plastic tarp is a must for tree harvesting!  It is much, much easier to pull a tree on a tarp instead of carrying it to the baling areas. Depending on where you find your perfect tree, it can be a bit of a walk. When the ground is wet, a tarp keeps the tree clean.  The tarp also provides you a clean, dry way to kneel on the ground to cut down your tree and keeps the tree protected from wind on the way home.

The farm does have handsaws for guests to use, but bringing your own can save you time on busy weekends when all of our supply may be in use.  Please remember, chainsaws, axes or sawzalls are not allowed.

Wagon for Young Children
Children love the adventure to find the perfect tree, but often tire out on the way back to the car.  A wagon will keep the kids - and the parents - happy!

Know Your Ceiling Measurement
This seems like an obvious tip - but it is so important. Many search for a big tree only to get it home and find out it is too big!  Bring a tape measure.  Another technique is before your visit to raise your hand upwards and measure how high you can reach - or go in the room you will put your tree and use your arm's height as a reference point.

We do have twine available for you to secure your tree to your vehicle, but during the busy weekends, it will be much faster if you have your own twine, straps or tie-downs.  Remember when tying the tree down to always have the trunk point towards the front of the vehicle and never tie the car doors shut.

Cash or Check
Our Harvest Your Own Trees cashiers can only accept cash or checks. In 2018, the cost of a Harvest-Your-Own tree is $75 which includes $4.48 tax as well as a farm-designed, CT-made pewter ornament from Woodbury Pewter. Please pre-write your check, making it payable to Jones Family Farms. (Credit cards are only accepted for pre-cut trees, wreaths, wine and gift shop items in the barnyard.)

Sturdy Shoes
With the hilly and uneven terrain of the farm, it is essential for everyone to have sturdy shoes/boots with a good tread.  Waterproof shoes are a good idea. Sometimes the farm has more snow than surrounding areas.

Work Gloves
You will be very glad you have a sturdy pair of work gloves with you when you are cutting down your tree, carrying it and tying it to your vehicle.

Layers of Warm Clothes
Being outside to enjoy your tree is much more enjoyable if you are warm with several layers of warm clothes, a hat and gloves.

Leash for Your Dog
Dogs are allowed on our farm fields (not buildings) during Christmas tree season, but they must be on a leash at all times.  Please bring a bag to scoop to the poop, too!

Simple Refreshments
We love to see guests standing at their tailgates, sipping some hot cocoa from a thermos, after their hikes in the fields; however tents, chairs, picnic blankets, cooking of any kind, alcohol, smoking, ball playing and the like can't be allowed due to insurance liabilities including safety/fire concerns. Please see our complete policy on tailgating and parking lot refreshments

Visit Our Tips on How to Harvest a Tree
For more information on how to harvest a tree, complete with photos, visit Tips on How to Harvest a Tree.

To better prepare for your visit at the farm, please visit Christmas Tree Season Frequently Asked Questions.

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912