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Tree Season Guidelines and Information 2020

Love and Joy Come to You – Christmas 2020

The Jones Family for its 73rd year welcomes families to our farm to harvest Christmas trees and to gather natural holiday décor. The Christmas tree hunt at Joneses is a beloved family tradition for many. Covid Year 2020 has brought many changes to the usual ways of selling our farm goods. With the exceptional cooperation of our guests, we have successfully hosted many happy and healthy experiences for the folks who already came to pick summer berries and to harvest October pumpkins this year.

We are working hard once again to assure that everyone who visits us during this Christmas season has a joyful and a safe time. We have an exceptional selection of trees, both for cut-your-own in our fields or fresh cut for you in our Barnyard Village. We hope you will make plans to come. Mask wearing is required for everyone, except the very little ones.

Study Your Calendar and Determine the Best Time for your Family –

For the health and safety of all, we will control the number of visitors on the farm property, according to Connecticut guidelines, at all times. We encourage Christmas guests to think creatively, so they might make their holiday visit during a weekday when our farm services will be more relaxed and will likely seem less different than usual. The tree prices will be lower on weekdays and there will be more time to look around and linger.

Weekend Visit Considerations –

Visits during weekends, especially Thanksgiving and the first weekend of December, will be highly regulated; rules about maintaining strict social distancing and staying in small family units of 5 to 6 will be enforced. On weekends, a reservation and payment in advance is required. No one will be able to park their car in a Jones lot unless they have a premade reservation on weekends.

New this Year –

Other changes we have introduced to keep you safe and well for the holidays.

  • We have transformed our quaint Christmas Gift Shop into a Holiday Courtyard Market so you can do your specialty Christmas shopping, old-world style, in the outdoors. The Market is located in the Winery Courtyard. This unique fresh air experience will be carefully monitored for entry, so only the allowed number of guests per the available space can safely shop.
  • Our beloved farm-made Christmas cookies will be available “grab & go” style near the Barnyard Village exit. Unfortunately, there can be no Bonfire Gathering place for mulled cider and cookies this year.
  • Gift packs of favorite Jones wines will also be available at the “grab & go” area near the Barnyard Village exit.  As well, the full selection of wines and wine gift baskets will be available in the Winery Barn sales room.
  • Dogs are welcome on the Harvest Your Own Tree walking trails when you go to get your tree, but must be on a leash at all times. Dogs are not recommended in our Barnyard Village when getting a Fresh, Pre-Cut Tree since they cannot enter all the areas, such as the Wreath Barn or Holiday Courtyard Market,

  • There are some other changes you may notice as you visit us on the farm this Christmas season. Please understand that all these adjustments are being made for your well-being and that of our farm family and the hard-working crew that assists you. Thank you for your understanding.  We look forward to seeing you!

Reservation Overview

Reservations are essential to spacing out the arrival of guests for a safe, enjoyable visit. Reservations for Harvest Your Own Trees and Fresh Cut Trees are needed on the weekends from November 21 through December 13, including the Friday after Thanksgiving.  On weekdays and the last weekend before Christmas, no reservations are necessary.


Our pricing this year aims to encourage guests to visit on weekdays and to make the online reservations, thereby reducing lines and transaction times. All prices include taxes and fees.

Harvest Your Own

Guests who harvest their own trees receive our farm-designed, complimentary, CT-made 2020 pewter ornament.

Weekdays, Opening Weekends, and Closing Weekend
On weekdays, our opening weekend of November 21-22, and closing weekend of December 19-20, the Harvest Your Own Trees will cost $80.

Peak Weekends
On our busy weekends, Harvest Your Own Trees will cost $85 on Thanksgiving Weekend (November 27-29) and the first weekend of December (December 5-6).

Parking Fees for Cars Not Getting Trees During Busy Weekends at Harvest Your Own Areas
We hope all families visiting the farm on the busy weekends will get a tree. Cars with families not getting a tree on the weekends from November 21 through December 13 will need a $20 reservation.  Please note, this is not refundable deposit if the family does not get a tree.

Multiple Trees, Multiple Families
If your group is getting multiple trees and is in multiple cars, it is easiest for check out if each tree is on its own reservation.  If a family is placing their tree into another family member's car, they do not need to pay the $20 car fee since they have bought a tree; both families will need copies of the confirmation receipts for check in and check out.

Farm Fresh Cut Trees

Our Fresh Pre-Cut Trees range in price from $65 to $130 for trees from 5 to 10 feet tall.  Trees over 10 feet tall are priced by the foot. We have a great selection of Elf Trees under 4 feet tall, from $20-$45.

Reservations of $20 are required for Fresh Cut Trees on the weekends from November 21 through December 13, including the Friday after Thanksgiving. This $20 is a deposit and can be put towards a pre-cut tree, potted trees, wreaths, or garland in the Barnyard Village. Please note, there will be Harvest Your Own parking and services in the Barnyard Village area on the busy weekends.

Onsite Charge

Reservations are required for the busy weekends. If there is capacity to allow additional guests to enter without reservation at certain times, there will be an additional $5 onsite charge upon checkout.

Refunds and Rescheduling

With 24-hour notice, we can offer refunds or rescheduling with an administrative fee. To reschedule a reservation, there will be a $5 charge. To refund a reservation, it will be $10 for a Harvest Your Own Tree reservation and $5 for the car fee reservation or Barnyard Village reservation.  Many farms and operations with reservations do not allow rescheduling or refunds; we have experienced it takes a great deal of staff time as well as additional business costs for refunds. We hope these fees allow us to offer this flexibility to our guests.  Please visit our Cancellation and Weather Policies.



Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912