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Rosé of Cabernet Franc - Vintner Select

Style and Flavor Profile

This dry Rosé is floral on the nose with notes of violets and rose petals, very delicate. On the palate, this wine is full of red plums, cherries, and dried herbs.

Crushed Cabernet Franc grapes spend five hours on the skins. This contributes to the lovely color and subtle flavors of spice. After the skin contact, the juice is extracted by pressing the crushed grapes. That juice is then cold fermented.

Food Pairings

This wine pairs well with BBQ and picnic foods.

Quiche, Paella, Charcuterie
Grilled chicken, fish, lamb
Bacon & prosciutto
Camembert, Colby, Jack, Pecorino, and Chèvre cheeses
Wine Making Process
Cold fermented in stainless steel 2-3 Weeks
Aged in stainless steel tanks 4-6 months
Wine Type: 
Rosé Wines
Cabernet Franc

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