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Pinot Gris Trio Vertical Tasting


Our Pinot Gris Trio specialty wine tasting has been, as expected, a big hit with our guests thus far in this young, new wine season! Visitors to our tasting room who partake in this limited-time offering are coming away with a much better knowledge for how a varietal of wine grapes grown in the same vineyard can vary from one season to the next based on all the various conditions to which those grapes were exposed. It's truly an enlightening journey that will improve your appreciation for this wine reminiscent of the world-class Pinot Gris wines of the Alsatian Region of France, and it highlights the differences in each vintage.

This year's Pinot Gris Trio tasting features vintages from our 2015, 2016, and 2017 seasons and is in addition to our normally-offered tasting menu.

We'll again pair these wonderful Pinot Gris wines with a delicious New England cheese to round out the experience.

Please note: because of our other St. Patrick's Day activities, our Pinot Gris Trio tasting will be available this Saturday only from 11-5!



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