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Winery Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation for a wine tasting?
No reservation is needed

How much time does it take to do a wine tasting?
A wine tasting usually takes about 20 minutes.

Are you allowed to picnic on the farm? 
Sorry, outside food is not permitted on the farm. As a strong proponent of the farm-to-table movement, our farm's Harvest Kitchen offers regional cheeses from New England farms, crackers and other light fare.

Can I buy a glass of wine, or buy a bottle of wine and have it opened, to drink outside the Tasting Room?
We do offer wines by the glass, but do not permit guests to open bottles of wine at the winery and farm.

Are your wines organic?
The farm practices many sustainable, environmentally-responsible farming techniques. We actively follow the philosophy of the farm’s founder: “Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.” We are an “organic-spirited” farm, but due to our humid climate, grapes can be susceptible to certain diseases and we intervene only when certain thresholds are crossed to save the crop.

Do your wines contain sulfites?
Yes. Sulfites refer to sulfur dioxide, a compound that is naturally produced in winemaking and is found in virtually every wine. Our winemakers add very small amounts of additional sulfites to the wine since it does much to protect the wine. It inhibits unwanted bacteria and yeast growth. It is also an antioxidant, which keeps the wine fresh. Sulfites slow the oxidation process, helping preserve the wine’s flavor as it ages. All wines made from fruit (including grapes) naturally contain sulfites. Only meads – wines made from honey – are sulfite-free.

Can I order wine splits for wedding/party favors?
We do not bottle our table wines in this size. However, we do have some wonderful half-size bottle dessert wines, as well as distinctive CT-grown wines that would make memorable favors. Quantity discounts are available.   If interested, please contact

Do you have weddings or other private special events at the winery or the farm?
We do not host private special events. If you are looking for a winery setting for your wedding or special event please visit The CT Wine and Vineyard Association website.

Will you donate wine toward our non-profit’s fundraising event?
The Jones Winery is part of the Jones Family Farm, a working family farm. As a small, family-owned business, we can only accommodate a certain number of the many donation requests we receive. Each year’s harvest varies to weather and economic situations. When we are able to, we focus on supporting local community nonprofit organizations. If looking for a donation, please send a request on your organization's letterhead at least one month before the event date to  Please note that a majority of our donations are Donation Certificates for complimentary wine tasting and selected bottle(s) of wine.

Is the Harvest Kitchen a restaurant?
The Harvest Kitchen is an educational cooking studio, offering small group, hands-on cooking classes, and food demonstrations.

Where else can I purchase Jones Wines?
Please visit our CT wine shops page. If you want your local wine store to carry our wines, please have them contact us at

Does Jones Winery participate in the statewide winery passport program?
Yes! We've been an active participant for many years and continue to support this program of the CT Dept. of Agriculture. Extensive information is available via two of their websites. The first of these two sites lists all the CT wineries including detailed info about each winery:

DOAG: Connecticut Wineries

The second site details specific information about the CT winery passport program:

Passport to CT Farm Wineries

Passports for the 2019 CT Wine Trail will be available in all participating wineries beginning May 3rd. Final day for the passport season will be Nov. 3rd.

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912