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Pumpkin Season 2022

Pumpkin and Fall Harvest 2022 ~ A Crop to Celebrate

We are so grateful for this year's beautiful crop! Due to our farmers many efforts and our sustainable growing practices, we nurtured a great crop during this very dry summer. We are looking forward to sharing our farm with you and your family!

Our online reservations ensure we can offer an enjoyable experience for all, reducing the size of crowds and lines. By making your online reservation before your visit, you can be assured you will not travel to the farm and find we are at capacity.

  • Reservations are flexible. If your plans change, you can change your weekend reservation time and date up to 1 hour in advance. Plus weekday reservations can be redeemed on any weekday; you do not have to change the weekday reservations if your plans change.
  • Weekend reservation save you money! With your weekend online reservations, you save $2 per entry ticket and $1 per hayride ticket.
  • Weekend reservations save you time. When we are busy on the weekends, we open additional check-in and parking areas with priority for guests with reservations. We allow walk-ins on weekends only if space allows. 
  • Weekday reservations are encouraged but not required. We have more capacity on weekdays for guests to arrive without reservations. We encourage reservations to make check in faster, and it is a good way to pre-pay ahead of time.
  • Everyone who makes a reservation for pumpkin season will go into a lottery. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to use in our reservation system for strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins, Christmas trees or winery table deposits.

We grow the most amazing pumpkins and squash right here at our farm. It is a selection you will not find anywhere else! 

  • WEEKENDS: $5 of every weekend entry fee ($10 online; $12 for walk-ins) will become one "pumpkin credit" - for every $10 you spend on ANY pumpkins, squashes, and gourds, you can use your 1of your pumpkin credits to get $5 off.  
  • WEEKDAYS: $2.50 of every weekday entry fee ($5) will go towards pumpkin credits - for every $5 you spend on ANY pumpkins, squashes, and gourds, you can use 1 of your pumpkin credit to get $2.50 off. 
  • ENJOY USING THE PUMPKIN CREDITS ON ALL PUMPKINS AND SQUASH: This year you can use your pumpkin credits towards half the price of any pumpkins, squashes, or gourds.  For instance, if you have $20 in pumpkin credits, we will discount $20 off when you spend $40 or more on any combination of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds.
  • SENIOR CITIZEN WEDNESDAYS: On Wednesdays during this pumpkin season, senior citizens (62 years and older) can enjoy visiting the farmyard without having to pay the farm entry fee. Hayrides, produce, and farm snacks would be an additional cost. Please note, every day the Grab and Go Tent is open for those wanting to make pumpkin and other purchases without entering the farmyard.
  • CHILDREN two years old and under are free for entry and hayrides.

The farm team has also created wonderful farm HARVEST EXPERIENCES for your family to enjoy with your entry:

  • "SEASONAL CONNECTIONS" - We are celebrating and highlighting this year how Native peoples in our area, throughout history and today, live in harmony with the land and the seasons. We strive to learn from them and follow their wonderful example as stewards of the land. Come see our large "Turtle Island" display and learn how indigenous peoples celebrated the seasons with each passing full moon.
  • CORN MAZE AND PUMPKIN PATH - Our mini-corn maze is open to everyone with their entry fee.  As you travel through the maze, see larger than life animals and learn about our pollinators. In addition to the corn maze, we have several winding paths through our tall cover crops that are fun and scenic.  The maze and the cover crop paths are great ways to get immersed in the farm's natural beauty!
  • FARM RANGER HIKE - For the hearty and curious, we have created a ramble along a Jones Farm trail and see the Jones vineyards and Christmas tree plantations. We have created a series of life-size silhouettes of farm dogs to lead you on a journey as you learn about how we grow Christmas trees. This 0.5 mile hike has up and down inclines. There are also beautiful vistas rarely seen by our farm visitors.
  • FUN AND BEAUTIFUL PHOTO OPS - While the natural beauty of the farm makes a great backdrop, we have many fun things for you to pose with, from scarecrows to wooden sunflowers, from our "Queen Bee Chair" to our vintage farm truck. Please note, there is no professional photography sessions permitted, and please do not climb onto any farm equipment or displays.
  • EDUCATIONAL DISPLAYS – We love sharing our passion for education as well as agriculture.  We celebrate in our artwork and display the ingenuity of native peoples during each of the four seasons of the year.
  • DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS SQUASH TENT - Learn about the fascinating world of squash. Our farmers are more than eager to discuss squash cooking techniques as well as provide you with our favorite recipes.
  • HARVEST-YOUR-OWN PUMPKINS! – Big, Little, Pretty, Unusual, Orange, White or Green – whatever you like, we have it! Come to gather your favorites – in our actual pumpkin fields or in our big Farmyard – to welcome autumn to your home. We price our pumpkins by their size.  Please note, as we get closer to Halloween, the farmers harvest the pumpkins from the fields and bring them into the Farmyard in order to plant the winter cover crops in the fields. 
  • EXPLORE THE FARM – We have opened acres and acres of the farm for you to experience the beauty of the New England fall landscape. While there is much of the farm to explore, please stay in designated areas.
  • FARM HAYRIDE (separate ticket purchase) – Our hayrides travel through our farm, through all our different crops with the beautiful hillsides as the backdrop. As in previous years, hayrides are an additional $7 per person on weekdays and $8 on weekends ($7 on weekends if purchased online); children 2 and under are free.

For guests who wish only to purchase pumpkins, squash, and fall décor, and not visit the full Farmyard, we have created a special sectioned-off space near the Entry and Checkout Barn. No entry fee is needed - it is intended for quick, convenient purchasing of the most popular fall décor. Please note, visitors to this area will not have access to the pumpkin fields or farmyard or be able to take farm photography in our fields or tent. Once the season begins, the Grab and Go will be open daily when the farm opens, and close to entry at 5:15 daily.

Each day, as supplies last, we will have our farm-made pumpkin cranberry cookies, as well as apples, and apple cider.  On the weekends, we have farm-made apple cider breads, while supplies last. Adjacent to the farmyard, this year we will provide a small eating area for guests eating farm snacks only. We will have some benches, and you can bring a blanket for your brief snack break. Please note, we do not permit outside food, beverages or picnics. Thanks for keeping our farmyard clean which keeps little critters away from all our delicious pumpkins!

We strongly encourage guests to bring wagons from home for harvesting pumpkins! The farm has some carts for this purpose; however, during peak weekend times we do not have enough. Remember, our carts cannot be used for transporting children. Each family should checkout with their own items in one cart; items from different groups cannot be combined into one cart at the cashier.

Weather permitting, our Preview Weekend is Sept 17 and 18, from 12 noon to 5:30 pm. We will open daily from September 24 through October 30: 10 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 5:30 pm on weekends; hours may vary with the weather. We always recommend calling the Crop Report the day of your visit for the latest information at 203-929-8425. PLEASE NOTE: To fully enjoy the farm, you should arrive by 4:30-4:45 since it closes at 5:30. Weather permitting, the farm will close parking areas promptly at 5:45 pm.

We love families and gatherings coming to our farm; however, the farm harvest, hayrides, and the Pumpkin Experience are the activities that we share at our location. For various reasons, we do not have private events, parties, tailgating or company outings here. Please include Jones Family Farms as an fun outdoor activity but not for the meal, cake, etc. part of the celebration. We encourage you to utilize local parks.

The farm does have several dirt roads that intersect many sections of the pumpkin farm that would be conducive to most wheelchairs. To access the hayride loading area, it is a gravel trail; please let staff know if you need assistance. To enter the hayride, there are a few tall steps. Families who wish to lift a wheelchair onto the hayride may do so. 


  • WALKING PATHS: We have extended the permitted areas guests can walk about on the farm to experience the beauty of our farm. Please wear sturdy shoes when you come to visit. Our farm educators have developed educational stations to enrich your farm walks. Guests must stay only in the designated areas during their visit.
  • PETS: Sorry, no pets are allowed at the farm during our pumpkin season or at the winery. Please leave pets at home. Animal control will be called when pets are left alone in vehicles. Working service animals are welcome. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), “a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.” Also, under the ADA, “emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy dogs are not service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA.”

If you make an online reservation, on your own you can change your reservation to another time or date if you do it one hour before your visit

If we close the farm for severe weather such as thunderstorms, we will offer you a refund or credit. We remain open in light rain. No refunds for those who do not show for their reservations, since it is likely we had to turn other guests away for that time slot.


Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912