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Tree Season 2021

Winter Woodlands

For almost 75 years, the Jones family has been welcoming families to our farm to harvest Christmas trees. The Christmas tree hunt at our farm is a beloved family tradition for many. 

We are working hard once again to assure that everyone who visits us during this Christmas season has a joyful and safe time. We have an exceptional selection of trees, both for cut-your-own in our fields or fresh cut for you in our Barnyard Village. 

Lessons from Last Year

Last year we introduced a reservation system to spread out the guests' arrival. We learned that limiting the number of guests arriving at a given time made for a better guest experience! Making online reservations to visit on peak weekends will be essential to your visit - you will save time, money, and will not be turned away if we are at capacity. 

Study Your Calendar and Determine the Best Time for Your Family –

The farm is at its busiest during Thanksgiving weekend and the first weekend of December. We encourage Christmas guests to think creatively, so they might make their holiday visit during a weekday when our farm will be more relaxed. The tree prices will be lower on weekdays and there will be more time to linger.

Visits during weekends, especially Thanksgiving and the first weekend of December, will require a reservation and payment in advance. No one will be able to park their car in a Jones lot unless they have a premade reservation on these weekends.

Overview of Our Farm

At our 500-acre farm, we have 200 acres of Christmas trees. We have 3 special areas for guests during tree season:

  • Barnyard Village: Home of our wide selection of fresh, pre-cut trees. Also the location of the Wreath Barn, Winery Barn, Holiday Gatherings Gift Pantry, as well as the cookie and cider sales. On weekdays, guests also come to the Barnyard Village for harvest your own trees. 606 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Shelton.
  • Candy Cane Hill: Large selection of harvest your own trees, open on weekends by reservation from November 20 through December 12, weather permitting. We will also open Candy Cane Hill in the afternoon of busy weekdays, weather permitting, such as the day before Thanksgiving or the first Friday in December. 606 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Shelton.
  • Merry Berry Valley: Many families love getting their harvest your own trees here, especially with its selection of fir trees, including Fraser fir. Merry Berry Valley is only open by reservation on Thanksgiving weekend and the first weekend in December. This farm is part of our main farm, but it has its own parking area and entrance. It is a short walk or drive to the Barnyard Village. 555 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Shelton.

Hours of Operations

Starting November 20, we are open daily from 9 am to 5:30 pm; closed Thanksgiving Day. On Thanksgiving Weekend and the first weekend of December, we open at 8 am for guests with early morning Harvest Your Own tree reservations. Please note, if you are harvesting your own tree, you must arrive by 4 pm; sorry, no exceptions. Please allow time for traffic especially on Fridays and weekends.

    Reservations and Costs Overview

    Reservations (open November 5) are essential to spacing out the arrival of guests for a safe, enjoyable visit! For Harvest Your Own Trees and for Fresh Cut Trees, reservations are strongly encouraged to guarantee your spot and to save you money on the weekends from November 20 through December 12, including the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    • Please make your reservations in advance! It will save you time and money! When we are at capacity, guests without reservations will not be able to enter the farm. Also, those without reservations will have an additional $10 processing fee per tree.
    • On weekdays and the last weekend before Christmas, no reservations are necessary.

    Harvest Your Own Trees

    We have over 200 acres of trees, and guests may walk through 120 acres of those fields to find their perfect tree. Guests who harvest their own trees receive our farm-designed, complimentary, locally-made 2021 pewter ornament.

    Weekdays and Closing Weekend
    On weekdays and on the weekend of December 18-19, Harvest Your Own Trees will cost $82 plus tax. No reservations necessary on these days.

    Peak Weekends
    On peak weekends, Harvest Your Own Trees will cost $87 plus tax with your online reservation. On weekends from November 20 through December 12, all Harvest Your Own Tree guests would make reservations for one of our harvest your own tree farms. (Remember, reservations save you time and money! For those without reservations on the peak weekends, the cost would be $10 more per tree.)

    Extra Cars at Harvest Your Own Areas
    We hope all families visiting the farm on the busy weekends will get a tree due to limited space in the parking fields. Cars with families not getting a tree on the weekends from November 20 through December 12 will need a $20 reservation to enter the farm. If your family is getting two trees, your family can bring in two cars without additional car charges even if both trees are being placed into one vehicle to take home. There is no charge for additional cars on weekdays.

    Multiple Trees, Multiple Families
    If your group is getting multiple trees and is in multiple cars, each family can make their own reservation or you can email the driver of each vehicle the confirmation receipt to present to our cashiers at checkout. 

    Farm Fresh Cut Trees at the Barnyard Village

    Our Fresh Pre-Cut Trees range in price, from $25 to $139 or more, plus tax, for trees from 3 to 10 feet tall.

    We have a nice selection of Elf Trees under 4 feet tall, from $20-$45. If you are interested in the experience of harvesting a tree, but want a smaller tree, you can harvest an elf tree from a special section of selected trees, ranging from $40 to $60.

    We have 5-6 foot trees at $59 and 7-8 foot trees at $85. Fraser trees between 8-9 feet tall will be $109 (they are slower growing tree). Trees from 8 to 10 feet tall are $139. Trees over 10 feet tall are priced by the foot. These prices will all have taxes added upon checkout.

    A reservation deposit of $30 is required for Fresh Cut Trees on the weekends from November 20 through December 12, including the Friday after Thanksgiving. This $30 is a deposit and can be put towards a pre-cut tree, potted trees, wreaths, or garland in the Barnyard Village. Please note, there will be NO Harvest Your Own parking in the Barnyard Village area on the busy weekends.

    Onsite Charge Reservations are required for the busy weekends. If there is capacity to allow additional guests to enter without reservation at certain times, there will be an additional $10 onsite charge for your tree upon checkout.

    Refunds and Rescheduling

    In most cases, guests can modify their own reservations with a link provided in their confirmation email. You can change it to a new time or date at the original location you selected. (For instance, if you selected Merry Berry Valley, you can change it to another time or date when Merry Berry Valley is open.)

    If you are not able to reschedule it on your own, with 24-hour notice, our office will process refunds or rescheduling with a small administrative fee of $5. Many farms and operations with reservations do not allow rescheduling or refunds; we have experienced it takes a great deal of staff time as well as additional online costs for refunds. We hope these fees allow us to continue offering this flexibility to our guests. Please visit our Cancellation and Weather Policies.

    Additional Information –

    • Our Holiday Courtyard Market continues to offer unique farm and winery gifts in our historic Winery Barn as well as our Harvest Kitchen's Holiday Gatherings Pantry. These buildings will be open on a daily basis starting November 20, at 9 am. On the peak weekends, our outdoor market expands to include shopping for gifts in our Winery Pavilion. On the peak weekends, you will need a tree reservation to visit the Holiday Courtyard Market. If you are only interested in purchasing wine or gifts, please try to visit on a weekday or the weekend before Christmas.
    • Our beloved farm-made Christmas cookies will be available outdoors in the Holiday Courtyard Market adjacent to the Winery Barn. We will be offering 4-packs of our trail mix cookies, as well as cold and hot cider. Limited benches available nearby for farm snacks. A small bonfire will return in the area for guests to stand near to warm themselves as they pass by.
    • Your favorite Jones wines will also be available near the Barnyard Village exit on the weekends of Thanksgiving and the first weekend in December. The full selection of wines and wine gift baskets will be available in the Winery Barn.
    • We offer complimentary tastes from a selection of our most popular wines on the weekends. On the weekdays from 12 noon to 5 pm, we plan to offer full tastings. If full tastings are not available on a weekday afternoon, a few complimentary tastes of select wines will be available. Please note, there is no indoor seating or glass of wine service during tree season. For wine bottle purchases only, there will be an outdoor wine stand Thanksgiving Weekend and the first weekend of December at the Barnyard Village.
    • Dogs are welcome in the tree fields while you get your harvest your own tree, as long as they are on a leash at all times. Dogs are not recommended in our Barnyard Village when getting a Pre-Cut Tree since there are less areas for dogs to walk. Also, please note pets cannot enter all the areas, such as the Wreath Barn, Winery Barn, or any indoor spaces.
    • For those guests who were not able to visit in 2020, please understand that these adjustments are being made for your well-being, safety, and farm experience. Thank you for your understanding.

    Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

    Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912