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Harvesting Tips

Before you head out to the farm, we like to remind our visitors that harvesting blueberries can be a physically demanding activity. Please come suitably attired, with appropriate footgear (sneakers, boots, closed toe, no heels shoes). The Very Merry Berry Ferry will deliver you to the field, but be prepared to walk to where the best picking is in the field. Bring a hat and sunscreen for the sunny days. Many visitors also bring a bottle of drinking water to sip on while they pick. The farm does provide water, but a personal container is recommended.

Children are welcome in the blueberry fields under parental supervision. We would hope they act responsibly and follow the picking guidelines.

When harvesting blueberries, pick a berry that is blue all the way around - they will not ripen more once they are picked. Using your thumb, simply roll the berry off the stem and right into your palm. Minimal handling is best, since handling may destroy the berries’ attractive white surface cover or “bloom” and increase bruising or spoilage.

Due to their naturally high sugar and fiber content, blueberries can have similar effects as prunes or raisins. Tasting a few berries in the field is expected, but if you eat more than your fair share – beware!

Our blueberries are sold by the pound. The farm offers picking containers for a small cost and our scales are set back to account for the weight of the box. If picking less than 8 pounds, a 30-cent credit is given to those who recycle their Jones Family Farms berry box. If picking more than 8 pounds, a $1 credit is given towards recycling a Jones Berry Box.

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912