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Farm Guidelines

Guidelines for Parking Lot Refreshments

Welcome! We invite all visitors to come and enjoy a peaceful day in the woods with their family and to find a perfect tree or other crop such as pumpkins or berries.

For Christmas tree season, we understand families might need to re-fuel on simple snacks and/or refreshments, such as homemade sandwiches and hot cocoa from a thermos.  This is allowed if it is served on the rear tailgate or standing near a vehicle. Our parking lots are active places, with cars going in and out and therefore, make an unsafe environment for full-blown picnics or tailgating parties. We hope you can find an alternate location for your family's party portion of the day.

Keeping in mind the safety of all of our guests and due to farm insurance policies, our guidelines regarding parking lot refreshments and activities during harvest seasons are as follows:

  • Due to crowded parking lots, we expect each car to be associated with a family harvesting a tree.  If you have additional friends and family joining you, please carpool.  Also due to weather and other considerations, our lot can be busy very quickly.  Therefore, we cannot accommodate groups requesting to park together in a designated area.
  • The consumption of alcohol (aside from within Jones Winery) is not allowed on the farm.
  • Due to fire/safety concerns, we cannot allow cooking, grilling or fires of any kind.
  • Due to the safety of guests and vehicles driving through the lots, we cannot allow tents, blankets, chairs or tables to be set up in parking lots.
  • Carry In/Carry Out is our policy. Each guest is asked to please remove (take home) his or her trash from the farm.
  • Jones Family Farms is a non-smoking farm. This includes pipes, cigars, vapes, and e-cigarettes.
  • Game/ball playing cannot be allowed for the safety of all our guests. For the safety of our guests and our baby trees - please no ball playing in the tree fields either.
  • Children should be attended to at all times. In large groups is when children most often get separated from their families.
  • Please note there is no outside food permitted at the farm's main bonfire or courtyard. Enjoy the warmth of the fire, but if you would like a treat, please support the farm by buying cider or cookies at our Harvest Kitchen.
  • Our farm crew and parking attendants decide what is safe for all our guests. We reserve the right to ask any groups/individuals that are participating in unwanted activities to leave the farm.

We want to be able to provide a happy experience for all of our guests.  Once again, we thank you for visiting our farm and understanding that we need to keep the safety of our guests and our farm a top priority. We believe that following the above guidelines will make for a very pleasant experience for all of our guests, including you.

Please check these guidelines each year before you visit.  These policies are subject to change as we always continue to monitor the safety considerations at the farm.

Be Good to the Land and the Land will be Good to You.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912