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Pick Strawberries: The Jones Way

Farmer Jones’ Most Important Tips

Remember to gently lift the leaves – many berries are under the leaves.

Pinch, not pull, the stem. It keeps the berries fresher.

Be sure to pick berries that are red all the way around. They will not ripen more after being picked.

Field and Row Assignments

At the Jones Family Farms, for the best picking experience, our farmers will direct you to a specific field and a specific row to pick you strawberries. We have been using this method for over 50 years to make sure you are getting the best, freshest berries.

It is required that you and your group stay only in the rows you are assigned to.

In your row, you will pick the inside halves of the plants in your lane, and go straight ahead until the next pathway.

If you need more berries, we are happy to help - exit your row and go to the large field flag and ask the farmer for a new row.

Rules of the Field

No hopping over the plants! This is for your safety and the safety of our strawberry plants.

No eating in the fields! This is a federal guideline. Strawberries, like almost all fruits and vegetables, grow outside amongst wildlife, so it is important to wash before eating. The price you pay is based on the volume of the container you are filling, it does not include eating berries in the field.

Filling Your Jones Containers

Our Jones boxes and baskets are reusable and can be properly cleaned to be used many, many times. We do not permit outside containers in the field, including green pulp pints or quarts.

You can fill your containers to be gently heaping and bountiful – but NOT up to the handles.These extra berries are not calculated in the costs; plus overfilled boxes risk dropping precious fruit on the ground.

All berries must be in your Jones container when you leave your row of strawberries; it is not allowed to carry strawberries in clothing or in your hands and adding to the box after you leave the field.

Being a Good Picker

Pick every red berry in your assigned row, no matter the size. Picking all the ripe fruit keeps the plant and surrounding fruit healthy.

Remember smaller berries can be even more delicious and flavorful than larger ones, so don't pass them by.

If you are jamming, cooking or freezing strawberries, that is a great time to select fruit that might have a minor blemish that can be cut out. This helps prevent wasting food.

Open Field or Open Section Picking

Occasionally, our farmers will direct guests to move around a field without specific row assignments. Farmers will clearly explain that when it is occurring; otherwise, stay in your assigned lanes. At all times, no row hopping and no eating in the fields.

Our picking guidelines are in place to make sure you, our guest, has a safe, enjoyable picking experience while ensuring you will have that day's freshest berries. Thank you so much for respecting these guidelines as well as our farm staff and their directions. If you have any questions, please email us at

Be Good to the Land and the Land will be Good to You.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912