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Begins Nov 17, 9-5:30. Closed Thanksgiving.

Begins Nov 17, closed Thanksgiving. Arrive by 4 pm. Bring tarp.

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Pumpkin Harvesting Tips

We grow all of our pumpkins here on the farm and with our decades of experience we have chosen a selection of varieties to please everyone. Whether your perfect pumpkin is white or orange, tall and narrow or short and squat, you can find one amongst our 25 acres of pumpkin patches. Our pumpkins range from our baseball-sized “Jack-Be-Littles” to our enormous “Jamie’s Giants.”

Visit our Market Yard for pumpkins, gourds and squash in all shapes, colors and sizes. All of our pumpkins are cut off the vine and ready to be taken home. Also, be sure to take our new, longer hayride this year through our beautiful vineyards and farm fields.

Look for winter squash and pumpkins that have hard, tough skin (rind) with no cracks, cuts, punctures, or soft, sunken or moldy spots. Choose squash and pumpkins that are firm and heavy for their size. When picking up or carrying your pumpkin, always hold it from underneath rather than by the stem. Although stems may make tempting handles, they will often break under the weight of a hanging pumpkin.

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Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912