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Tree Season 2023

For more than 75 years, the Jones family has been welcoming families to our farm to harvest Christmas trees. We are working hard once again to assure that everyone who visits us during this Christmas season has a joyful and safe time. We have an exceptional selection of trees, both for cut-your-own in our tree fields as well as fresh cut for you in our Barnyard Village. We have a wide variety of trees at different price ranges. 

Overview of Our Beautiful Farm

At our 500-acre farm, we have 200 acres of Christmas trees! For tree season, the parking is at three separate areas. Each area has its own specialty offerings. (See map below for more detail.)

  • Barnyard Village: Home of our wide selection of fresh, pre-cut trees, starting at $59 plus tax. This is also the location of the Wreath Barn, Winery and Gift Shop Barn, as well as the cookie and cider sales. On weekdays, guests park at this farm for pre-cut as well as harvest your own trees. 606 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Shelton.
  • Candy Cane Hill: Large selection of harvest your own trees. Reservations are needed to drive up to and park at Candy Cane Hill on the weekends. On weekdays, guests park at the Barnyard Village and can take a short walk to the Candy Cane Hill fields. 606 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Shelton.
  • Merry Berry Valley: No longer open for the '23 season.

Reservations No Longer Needed for Remainder of Season!

Hours of Operations

  • We are open daily from 9am - 5:30pm. We will close at 3 pm on Christmas Eve.
  • Guests planning to harvest their own tree must arrive by 4pm. *Sorry, no exceptions! Please allow additional time for traffic.*

Harvest-Your-Own Trees

  • Our Harvest-Your-Own fields are well stocked with beautiful trees up to 8 feet. While taller trees are available, the supply is limited, and guests should come prepared to walk further to find them. 
  • On weekdays, Harvest-Your-Own Trees will cost $99 plus tax.
  • On weekends, Harvest-Your-Own Trees are $105 plus tax.
  • In addition to a beautiful, fresh tree, guests who harvest their own tree will receive a farm-designed and locally-made pewter ornament.This year is our 30th dated ornament - we know many of you have the whole collection!
  • Please remember all trees in the harvest your own fields are the same price, even small baby trees. If you wish to purchase a smaller tree, please visit the Barnyard where we have a wide selection of less expensive and smaller Elf Trees.

Farm Fresh-Cut Trees

  • Our pre-cut trees are grown and freshly harvested at our adjacent farms to bring guests a great selection every day of the week. A tree grows a foot a year, so many of the larger trees we have been caring for, fertilizing, and hand pruning for over a decade! Our tree prices range according to their height and variety. 
  • 5-6 foot trees are $59, plus tax. This is the third year at the same price.
  • 6-8 foot Balsam, Douglas, Spruce and Pine are $99, plus tax.
  • 8-10 foot Balsam, Douglas and Spruce are $149, plus tax.
  • 10+ foot Balsam and Douglas are $200-$350+, plus tax. Pricing depends on size and fullness. 
  • Frasers have a special pricing since they grow slower and take longer to reach size and fullness. 
  • 6-7 foot Frasers are $99, plus tax.
  • 7-9 foot Frasers are $149, plus tax.
  • 10+ foot Frasers are individually tagged starting at $200+, plus tax. Pricing depends on size and fullness.
  • Each year we offer a small selection of small potted trees, as well as small potted holly and winterberry bushes. As a reminder, even small potted Christmas trees can be heavy and are recommended to be kept in a heated home for only a week or less. Check back for sizes and pricing.

Elf Trees

  • We have a nice selection of freshly-cut trees under 4 feet tall in our Barnyard Village, with prices ranging $20 - $45
  • For guests interested in cutting a smaller tree, there is one designated field adjacent to the Barnyard of specially tagged Harvest-Your-Own Elf Trees from $45 - $60.

Additional Information

  • Our Holiday Gatherings Gift Shop and Winery continues to offer unique farm and winery gifts in our historic Winery Barn.
  • Our beloved farm-made Christmas cookies are available in the Holiday Courtyard Market adjacent to the Winery Barn. We offer 4-packs of our trail mix cookies, as well as cold and hot cider. Limited benches available nearby for farm snacks. A small bonfire is located in the area for guests to stand near to warm themselves.
  • We offer complimentary tastes from a selection of our most popular wines on the weekends. On the weekdays from 12 noon to 5 pm, we plan to offer full tastings. If full tastings are not available on a weekday afternoon, a few complimentary tastes of select wines will be available. Please note, there is no indoor seating during this season.
  • Dogs are welcome in the tree fields while you get your harvest your own tree IF THEY ARE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES, no exceptions. Dogs are not recommended in our Barnyard Village when getting a pre-cut tree since there are less areas for dogs to walk. When you clean up after your pet, dispose of the waste bags in a farm trash can. Also, please note pets cannot enter certain areas, such as the Wreath Barn, Winery Barn, or any indoor spaces.

Tree Season Map –

  • Below is our 2023 Tree Season map.  Please note, this is an artistic rendering of the farm to provide you a overview of the main farm locations and general location of our tree varieties.
  • The numbers on the map refer to large Candy Canes on the main farm roads.  These can provide a useful landmark to you as you head out on your tree adventure.
  • Talk to a farm greeter when you arrive. Each year there are certain fields that are more abundant with certain types of trees, and the greeter will know this information.


Tree Season Map 2022


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