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Pinot Gris - Vintner Select

Style and Flavor Profile

An estate grown wine, our Pinot Gris (pea noh gree) is bright and crisp with

aromas of light citrus and peach, flavors of citrus and melon.  Our climate

is similar to ones in northern France and Germany; this wine is made similar

to Alsatian style wines.

Food Pairings

What grows together goes together and this wine is a perfect example and pairs beautifully with CT seafood.

• Shellfish- mussels, clams, oysters & scallops (ceviche)

• Cato corner – Womanchego, goat cheese, gruyere, brie

• Smoked salmon

• Vegetarian dishes

Wine Making Process

• Whole cluster pressed, an alternative to crushing and then pressing the fruit.

• Cold fermented in Stainless Steel Tanks for 2-3 week

• Aged in Stainless Steel Tanks for 7 – 9 months




Wine Type: 
White Wines
Pinot Gris; Estate-grown
2022 Big E Bronze medal, 2018 Big E Silver medal; 2019 Los Angeles International Wine Competition Bronze medal

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Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912