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Still great berries after storm! Extended hours. Wed enter 9-3:45, pick to 5.

Lower prices! Season ends around Aug 9 so let's get these berries picked!

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Fall Harvest Program

Thank you for interest in our school tour program, registration for Fall 2019 has closed.

To join our mailing list for Fall 2020 please contact education [at]

Designed for Kindergarten and First Grade Students

2019 Cost: $9.75 per child. 

The Fall Harvest Education Program provides children with a fun and educational farming experience. Early October dates are reserved for these tours as this part of the season provides the best natural classroom.

Upon arrival, a Jones Farmer will greet the classes at the school tour welcome area. Children are provided a hay wagon tour of the farm fields (weather permitting) to see the growing crops and landmarks of a classic New England farm.

Kindergarten Program
At our private field classroom, our farm educator will teach what a plant needs to survive and how farmers grow their crops. Students in kindergarten will focus on the ways farmers work with the weather and seasons to grow food. These activities are correlated to the CT Science Framework Standards.

First Grade Program
At our private field classroom, our farm educator will teach what a plant needs to survive and how farmers grow their crops. First grade students will learn about the role of wildlife on a farm, and the ways in which animals may help or hinder a farm’s growing plants.These activities are correlated to the CT Science Framework Standards.

For Kindergarten and First Grade Students
Students will then harvest their own pumpkin. After harvest, the students will return to their chaperones who will help bag the pumpkins before returning to the Harvest Yard. 

Harvest Yard Tour
Upon returning to the Harvest Yard, classes are invited to take a teacher and chaperone-guided tour of our pumpkin and squash displays. At the end of the visit, each child will receive a fresh apple and educational coloring book to take home. Each classroom (based on 20) will receive a pre-selected complimentary classroom pumpkin.

Chaperone Policy for Fall Harvest Education Programs
We request a maximum of one adult to five children for these Fall Harvest Education Programs. If your group exceeds this 1 to 5 ratio, you may be charged an additional fee per chaperone. Also, please note we cannot accommodate younger siblings on the tour.

Fall Harvest Education Program Dates
Please check back in August 2019.

School Tour Policies and Procedures
Please review our school tour policies regarding chaperones, cancelations, and payments, as well as answers many of our commonly asked questions

Pre-registration is required for all our programs.  Due to the busy schedule of teachers and farmers, we believe our pre-registration form is the most efficient way to register your students. 

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912