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Farm Safety Guidelines 2020


Strawberry Picking 2020
A Year Like No Other

Cherish your strawberries – they are precious and so are you and all farm workers providing your food. We’re striving to make this strawberry season as safe, accessible, and enjoyable as possible in these uncertain times.

We have had to make many changes to keep us all safe and healthy. We appreciate your understanding, support, and flexibility. We are following the Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s 2020 Guidance for Pick-Your-Own Farms.


Rule #1: TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE, stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick. Ask a friend, neighbor, or family member who has not been in close contact with you, to come to the farm to get strawberries for you.

We will practice respectful distancing. In the fields, we are assigning every other row with separate field entrances and exits. We have clearly marked and spread out queuing areas.

In order to keep groups small and appropriately spaced out, no more than 5 persons from the same household can take a reservation slot.

We love children and young families, but we realize this year it could be too difficult to bring young children. Parents can should think about the following for young children: 1) their ability to stay close to their caregiver at all times and not run in the strawberry fields; 2) their understanding that berry eating is not allowed in the fields; 3) their ability to walk distances since there is no Berry Ferry.

For children under 10, we ask there is a one to ratio of one adult/teenager to each child to help them pick.

All children under 10  must have their own Jones picking container or share the container with one other person (ie. one adult can only share a container with 1 child.  Having enough picking containers ensures the children can actively harvest and have a place to put their berries after picking them.

Strollers cannot be accommodated in the picking area due to how we must social distance guests in every other. 

The focus this year is on bringing in the harvest.

  • All guests, 10 years and older, are required to pick at least 1 Jones basket, or two people can share 1 Jones box to pick into together.
  • All children need to either share a Jones picking container with 1 adult or have their Jones picking container.  
  • See more on our picking containers.

Online reservations are strongly recommended; time slots are limited. We will post available reservations 1 to 2 days in advance based on weather and crop conditions. The reservation system will keep guest arrivals scheduled to reduce crowds and lines.

Pre-payment online is required for the number of Jones containers you take to the field to fill. No weighing of berries at exit. This reduces transactions at the registers and eliminates the need to place picking containers on scales. After you are done picking, you are ready to head out, no need to check out.

Guests will need to wear face coverings as required by the CT Department of Agriculture Pick-Your-Own guidelines. This will be especially important to for guests to wear face covering entering the farm, walking to the fields, and upon exiting farm. If you are 6 feet away from other guests when you are picking in the lane that was assigned to you, you may lower your mask, according to the Dept. of Agriculture. Our staff will be wearing face coverings at all times when interacting with guests. If a young child is here, those 2 and under should not wear masks, as according to CDC recommendations.

We know wearing masks will be difficult for all of us on warm days; however, that is the current state policy. If you do not wish to deal with this requirement this year, please join us next year.

These times are entry times; guests may stay as long as needed to pick (except at the end of the day when we close 45 minutes after the last reservation).

We are reserving the first time slots on weekdays at 8am and 8:15 for strong, healthy seniors, 60 years and older. An adult may accompany them; please no children at this time slot.

We will try to pick in a close field when possible but we like to focus on going to the field with the best berries. Remember with no Berry Ferries, walking will be necessary. At the Valley Farm we have a close by field we can better accommodate those with walking difficulties. Each morning, listen to the Crop Report at 203.929.8425 or look at the top of our website; if it announces the Valley Farm, make a selection that day if you need a close by field. Another option for seniors and all guests is fresh picked berries at the Winery and Tree Farm, while supplies last.

This year due to health safety concerns, it is extremely important not to eat berries in the field. All crops are recommended to be washed before eating. This is because they are grown outside where there is a possibility of an animal walking by or flying overhead. Our farm has always emphasized this important food safety measure; this year it will need to be more strictly enforced. As always, wash berries at home before serving.

There are no Berry Ferry rides at this time. You must be fit enough to walk a mile and carry your own box of berries. You must be able to harvest like a real farmworker, seriously and with intent to pick a quantity. (Berry Ferries, with limited seating capacity, do not have enough space to spread people out and have too many common, touchable surfaces; they are retired for the time being.)

For safety reasons, we will remove socializing and congregating areas such as benches. Family groups will need to travel around the farm in their group of no more than five people. Gatherings with other families will not be allowed in the fields or in the parking areas.

The farm has two hand washing sinks at each picking location for guests. Hand sanitizer will be at the entrance area; bringing your own hand sanitizer is highly encouraged.

Aspects of the pricing are similar to previous years at the Jones Family Farms. We are still offering the All-You-Can- Carry basket, with discounts when purchasing multiple baskets. However, instead of weighing boxes, we are offering a Box Special for the whole season, where there is one price all the time for the box. For those interested in volume picking, this is a great price for local berries.

New this year: 1 basket minimum per guest 10 years  and older; or 1-2 people can share a box

Basket - holds 2 quarts, 2 to 2.5 pounds, All-You-Can-Carry

  • 1 basket $14
  • 2 baskets $28 ($14 each)
  • 3 baskets $34 ($11.33 each)
  • 4 baskets $38 ($9.50 each)
  • 4 or more baskets $9.50 each
  • Box - holds 6 quarts, 10+ pounds

Box – hold 6+ quarts, 10+ pounds, All-You-Can-Carry

  • Box Special  - $37, flat price

Reusing Your Jones Basket or Box - when you arrive at the farm, we will credit you $1 for each box or basket you fill. Please only bring Jones container you intend to fill.

Weather permitting, we pick seven days a week during strawberry season.  With the reservation system this year, we will post our hours every few days. Please check there before visiting. PLEASE NOTE: we are almost always closed Sunday afternoons and we close the fields 45 minutes after the last reservation time slot.  Guests may stay in the fields as long as they need to continue their active harvesting of berries; occasionally we may ask guests to move to another field with the staff.

If we close the farm for severe weather such as thunderstorms, we will offer you a refund or credit. We do pick in light rain. This is one reason that we are not posting reservations until 1 or 2 days in advance so you know the weather forecast.

If you cannot pick due to illness, contact us as early as possible (ideally one day in advance or in the morning by 9 am) at and we will send you a credit certificate for you to reschedule your visit.

No refunds for those who do not show for their appointments, since it is likely we had to turn other guests away for that time slot.


Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912