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Lower prices! Season ends Aug 9 so let's get these berries picked!

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Fall School Programs

Thank you for interest in our school tour program, we have filled all our tours for Fall 2019.

To join our mailing list for Fall 2020 please contact education [at]

For decades the Jones Family Farms has been welcoming young school children to the farm during our October harvest season. Since our farm grows 100% of its pumpkins and squashes, it provides a wonderful setting for young children to experience a true working farm and to visit a real pumpkin field.

Fall School Tours

We offer two special school programs:

Fall Harvest Education Program
This program is designed for students in kindergarten and first grade.  Students enjoy a hay wagon tour of the farm fields to see the growing crops and landmarks of a classic New England farm. At the field classroom, our farm educator teaches about growing crops, providing a unique experience for each grade level. Students then harvest their own pumpkins. For more information, please see our Fall Harvest Education Program page.

Pumpkin Experience Tour
This program is designed for pre-school children to provide the opportunity for youngsters and their parents to observe a working farm while enjoying a classic New England autumn activity. Children enjoy a hay wagon ride through the farm fields out to a pumpkin field, where they will harvest their own pumpkin. For more information, please see our Pumpkin Experience Tour page.

Options for Small Groups
Small groups of 20 or less total participants are welcome to visit our Pumpkinseed Hill Farm for a teacher-led experience. For more information, please see our Options for Small Groups page.

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Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912