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Harvest Kitchen

Litchfield, CT

Litchfield, CT will inspire our April 25th menu and discussion:

Located in the western hills of the Housatonic River watershed, this historic region is home to many Connecticut firsts – its first law school and its first agricultural school.  Creative artists from New York City have long sought the quiet nature and scenic farmlands of Litchfield as a place of refuge. One of the largest farm regions in Connecticut, it is the home of many innovative farmers and the source of many delicious foodstuffs.


Deer Isle, ME

Deer Isle, ME will inspire our April 18th menu and discussion:

Deer Isle has been a favorite vacation destination of the farming Jones family for three generations, since the early 1900s.  A small island for rejuvenation, it has also provided inspiration from the lives of some of its passionate year-round residents: Helen and Scott Nearing, great grandparents of the Back to the Land movement and Elliot Coleman, an original apostle of the organic gardening and farming movement.


The Vineyard, MA

The Vineyard, MA will inspire our April 4th menu and discussion:

A delightful island with five distinct villages, it is united by its desire to keep alive the Vineyard’s history as a self-sufficient fishing and agricultural settlement. There are thriving organizations which preserve the remaining island farms, farm stands, and agricultural fairs as well as an active local foods education program organized by and for year-round residents.

Menu to highlight Baked Scallops; Baby Potato, Greens and Chickpea Hash; Apple Berry Compote


Newport, RI

Newport, RI will inspire our March 28th menu and discussion:

A beautiful resort city surrounded by the sea, Newport has embraced its fascinating past and works to preserve its Colonial, Victorian and Gilded Age mansions. The fruits of the bay and the ocean continue to provide much of its nourishment, while residents also embrace local foods from nearby farms.

Menu to highlight Rhode Island Clam Stuffies; Baked Swordfish with Red Wine; Strawberry Shortcake


Shelburne, VT

Shelburne, VT will inspire our March 14th menu and discussion:

Site of the magnificent castle-like Shelburne Farms on the shores of Lake Champlain, the farm was originally a 19th century gentleman’s model farm estate.  Currently, the revitalized farm’s strong mission is to preserve its historic buildings and farmlands and to provide inspiration and education on earth sustainability.

Menu to highlight Rustic Butternut-Bisque; Cheddar and Spinach Casserole; Maple-Apple Bake


Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, NH will inspire our March 21st menu and discussion:

One of New England’s oldest seaports, this small charming city has witnessed many layers of settlers from around the world. Home to Strawberry Banke, a preserved Portsmouth neighborhood, the historic food stories of its previous residents are authentically retold. Portsmouth’s vibrant food and restaurant scene is currently sought out by many travelers.

Menu to highlight Corn Chowder; Cornish Hen with Red Wine-Blueberry Sauce; Winter Fruit dessert



Take a culinary journey to Greece. Explore the vibrant flavors and rich history of food and wine from this beautiful country.

Menu to feature: Garides Saganaki - Shrimp with Tomatoes, Feta and Orzo; Grilled Leg of Lamb with Herb Pesto; Braised Eggplant and Garden Fresh Veggies; Galaktoboureko - Greek Custard Pie wrapped in Phyllo


Greek Mezze Party

Menu to Include: Frittata with Garlic Greens and Feta; Grilled Zucchini with Black Olive Vinaigrette; Greek Island Grilled Bread, Tomato and Cucumber Salad; Zucchini and Corn Pancakes with Greek Yogurt and Honey; Bakalava



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