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A classic! You can't go wrong with homemade strawberry jam.

A good addition to the perfect summer night or you can adapt this recipe to enjoy Sangria year-round with fruits that are in season at that time!

These cookies are a convenient adaptation of a summer treat that you can take on the go!

You can also make this refreshing beverage with mint or other fresh herbs.

This colorful vinaigrette can be made with fresh or frozen berries.

Great with corn chips, pita chips, or served on top of fish and chicken.

This strawberry syrup is an excellent way to preserve strawberries for winter. Tastes great on ice cream and pancakes!

A summertime classic!

Top with Jones Raspberry Rhapsody Wine for a cool, elegant, summer dessert.

This recipe always gets rave reviews! Includes an adaptation for adding rhubarb as well.

A sure hit with your freshly picked berries

An interesting twist on the classic weekend breakfast food

Great addition to a baguette with goat cheese (or your preferred cheese)!

One of our favorite teabread recipes!

This fresh fruit salsa is the perfect dish for a summer picnic.

Cool off with these fruity frozen pops.

A Jones family favorite!

A hearty breakfast treat - great with fresh or frozen berries!

A fresh take on the typical chicken salad.

Served with a crisp green salad garnished with sunflower seed or pecans, this soup makes a delightfully refreshing meal.

Locally grown tomatoes in this soup will really hit the spot

Fresh cabbage turned into this crisp salad is perfect for a picnic or as a side to dinner

Great recipe to use up the zucchini and yellow squash that are abundant towards the end of summer!

A twist on a cake recipe that packs in some farm-fresh beets!

Use fresh-picked herbs to make a tasty dip that can accompany a vegetable platter and more.

This roasted potato salad is delicious served warm and also packs well to serve at a picnic or BBQ.

Use our rainbow colored Bright Lights Swiss Chard to create this asian-inspired stir-fry.

The scape of the garlic is harvested in late spring to allow the plant to focus its energy on producing a large bulb of garlic.  Use the scapes as you would garlic, or make this delicious pesto - great on pasta, potatoes, and bruschetta, or in sauces and stir-fry!

Lacinato, or Tuscan, Kale has the same appearance as dinosaur skin.  Use this kid-friendly recipe to make healthy veggie chips!

An innovative way to incorporate more healthy greens into your diet.

This colorful autumn hash can be made with a variety of squashes and root vegetables.  Top with a poached egg for a beautiful brunch dish!

This hearty spread is perfect on crackers, toast, and other baked goods.

A favorite fall treat!

This autumn lasagna is simple to make ahead and bake just before dinnertime.

The thinly sliced delicata look like flowers on top of this gorgeous pizza, because of the subtle dark green ribs in the squash.

Substitute the butternut squash in this recipe for sugar pumpkin, blue hubbard, or your favorite baking squash.

This sweet salad is great as a side dish, or served on top of greens for a meal.

The addition of butternut squash to this homemade mac-and-cheese recipe adds a healthy creaminess.

Orange and lemon juice bring out the sweetness of the dumpling squash.

The ingredients in this recipe can be substituted for a variety of beans, greens, and herbs.

Use spaghetti squash as a replacement for pasta in this flavorful meal.

This warm soup highlights the flavors of fall.

This simple tea bread is delicous on its own, makes a wonderful gift, and can be used to make hearty, autumn french toast!

The whole family will enjoy working together to make this delicate hand-filled pasta.

Our most requested recipe of the season!

These recipes are from our traditional thanksgiving cooking class.

A fresh, healthy choice for any lunch or dinner!

A perfect alternative for Thanksgiving!

An excellent dish for a hearty dinner.

Every fall you can use your favorite vegetables to make the perfect side dish for any occasion. 

It's Thanksgiving with a twist!

A holiday favorite!

The perfect fall dessert!

These hearty cookies are full of oatmeal, chocolate chips, and dried cranberries.  The perfect snack after harvesting your own tree!

Recipe from Farm Chef, Sherry Swanson, to be featured at our Mother’s Day Brunch, paired with Jones Chardonnay

For a demonstration video of this recipe, visit our YouTube channel:

Recipe adapted from Highbush Blueberry Council


Healthy homemade fruit popsicles!

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you.

Philip James JONES, FARM FOUNDER, 1821-1912